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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “The Water Will Catch You” by Chase Potter


Best friends since childhood, Danny Somers and Curtis Wyatt were inseparable until Danny broke their promise to attend college together, creating a rift between the two that time refused to mend.

Ten years later, their adult lives have veered apart, putting thousands of miles between them. Curtis has forged ahead with a life in their hometown, but when he loses his job and breaks up with his girlfriend, he’s left with nowhere else to turn.

Exhausted and travel weary, Curtis arrives at Danny’s secluded Vancouver Island home to find that his former friend is now… gay. And gorgeous.

When a short visit turns into weeks, the two men begin to find common ground once more. But even as Curtis is forced to revisit the decisions in their shared past that drove them apart years earlier, he’s confronted by a powerful attraction he can neither understand nor resist.

Title: The Water Will Catch you
Author: Chase Potter
Release Date: November 4th, 2015
Purchase Links: coming soon


Have you ever read something that you really wanted to enjoy but felt like the book was fighting you? Well, that was me and this book.

I really wanted to love this story, but it kept pushing me away.

I believe it stems from the gay-for-you aspect. It just didn’t work for me. It was more than awkward and uncomfortable…. it leaned towards angry and harsh. Every time I felt as though the prize was within reach, it was wrenched away.

Danny and Curtis become best friends in the sixth grade. I was fond of the alternating point of view between the boys and I really loved the flashbacks. It kicks off when the boys are eleven and we are gifted a glimpse of each year as the boys grow older. The past represents happier times and it balanced the troubled present both Danny and Curtis are trudging through. They were the best of friends during their childhood and loved one another deeply. Danny comes to conclusion that he can’t hide how deep his feelings truly run for Curtis and escapes before he slips and confesses his desires.

He bails on Curtis, their plans…and their future.

As luck would have it, Curtis finds himself sitting at rock bottom and the first person he turns to rescue him is Danny. A decade has passed, but he’s desperate and has no other options. Danny doesn’t like in Thunder Bay anymore (which I kinda assumed Curtis would know) but he doesn’t let that stop him. He drives across the country to seek comfort and shelter from the boy who knew all his secrets. Unfortunately, Curtis didn’t know all of Danny’s.

And this, this is one of the pushes I felt. Seriously? Ten years later and he thinks they can pick right back up where they left off, when they didn’t only separate but were severed? Danny cut himself out of Curtis’s life. Danny abandoned their big plans. Danny…left him. The kick in the nuts is that Curtis pretends that he has no idea why.

Danny has built a new life for himself. Not only figuratively speaking, but literally. He inherits a family home on Vancouver Island and starts the painstaking process of renovated the neglected place in the country. A talented carpenter, he creates a gorgeous home and I loved all of the ‘wood’ talk. I felt the love he poured into his work and especially adored the desk he crafted.

So, it all sounds fine and well, but…like I said, I was constantly driven away. Water holds substantial significance here and if I might compare, I would say every time the tide drew me closer to the shore, I was rushed out to sea further than before. It was a push and shove romance and usually I can appreciate and enjoy the ups and downs as long as it ends on a high note. In case you were wondering, it does indeed end on a high note.

Though every time I was given a great moment, it was ruined. I blame Curtis or more precisely, his mouth. Something great finally happens and damn him if he doesn’t ruin it. Even when he declares something momentous, he shatters the moment with tainted words. Why? If only he would have just let me have the brief second to soar, I would have endured the crash and burns with more tolerance. As it was, I was angry and frustrated with him. I willed him to stop talking and let Danny take over…but that was only wishful thinking.

I wanted to like Danny’s neighbor Lauren but couldn’t. I longed to care for Danny’s parents but couldn’t. And I had absolutely no desire to give two shits about Curtis’ father. It would have lovely to have a least one secondary character to be fond of.

The premise was there….it could have been strong…but ultimately, the story fought me all the way till the end. I can only hope that you don’t suffer the same discouraging journey.

Big shout out for the cover though, it’s perfect.

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