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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Halloween treats

Trick or treat? What’s your favorite Halloween goodie? 


Snickers mini, tootsie rolls (I only eat them around Halloween even though you can get them year round), OH…and caramel apples!


Cherry Blow Pop…or Tootsie pop…or any red sucker! And I love to munch on ‘birdseed’. I always make some while I’m roasting our pumpkin seeds. It’s a mix of candy corn, peanuts, raisins and m&m’s. But I don’t like candy corn alone…it has to be IN something.


Snickers mini’s for sure. Also, 100 Grand bars, Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, Sweet Tarts, Rootbeer Bottlecaps, and Dum Dums. Oh, and Tootsie Pops. I love a good sucker.



In Mexico,  we don’t really celebrate Halloween. Adults may have costume parties, but the whole “trick or treat” thing where children go door by door is not very common. The Halloween parties are more an excuse to be creative and get drunk. Ha!

Instead we celebrate The Day Of The Dead. As sweet treats we have traditional mexicam candy set on our altars, sugar skulls and pan de muerto.

I do love sweet treats so, hallween or not: snickers, kit kat, and lots of chili candy :)


We too celebrate the Day Of The Dead and it’s far from being fun. Thankfully, kids love Halloween and many adults indulge them. The treat I always steal from my kid are the Tagada strawberries.



3 comments on “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Halloween treats

  1. juliesmall1959
    October 31, 2015

    I do love 3 musketeers! Not very often but man are they yummy!


  2. Ciara Darren
    November 1, 2015

    I love eggnog, preferably spiked in a tasteful manner. Also, I never did the trick or treat thing either, but I enjoy handing out candy to kids who come to the door now that I’m older.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kristie
      November 2, 2015

      Ha! I never thought of eggnog but that certainly is a treat. I do love it, like a lot. Oh no… now I want some!

      Liked by 1 person

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