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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Friday the 13th…

It’s Friday the 13th!

So tell me, do you have any superstitions or good luck charms? 


Naw. I don’t believe in that stuff. No luck charms or superstitions. Not that I don’t have some weird and very stringent quirks and things I do on a daily basis, or do in a certain order. But those are every day things and having patterns and systems, or routines… Well, that’s just different. Isn’t it? Sure. I’ll go with that. ;)


I’m .. Strange, I think. I’m not one for bad luck superstitions like black cats or walking under a ladder, or spilling salt. But I do have a couple of charms I carry along with me in my purse or key chain. I’m not an extremely religious person, or like, religious at all.. Buuuuut… I always carry with me a key chain with a medallion of San Benito, which is supposed to protect me from envies, bad energy and evil. I know… It makes zero sense. Don’t judge me.

In general, my family isn’t very superstitious, but one of my cousins has a toy sheep hanging at the back of her door. This is supposed to bring you money or something like that, and she always jokes saying that she wouldn’t even want to know how much she would stuggle if the sheep wasn’t there. I guess it’s something like that for me… Just like a… “Well, it can’t hurt” kinda thing. Hahaha

I also read The Little Prince every first of January. I believe that the beauty and messages of the book stay with me the whole year. I’ve been doing this for around 20 years :)


None that I can think of but I should perhaps invest in a few luck charms because I am well known for my bad luck! :D

I love Gaby’s New Year ritual. Thinking  of something beautiful to bring along is a lovely and meaningful way to start a new year.



When I was younger and used to play sports, I had all kinds of superstitions. In tennis, I’d bounce the ball 3 times before a first serve, 4 times before a second serve. In basketball, I bounced the ball 5 times at the freethrow line.

Now, I don’t have any real reason to have a superstition, I guess. I also don’t have a good luck charm. But, I do feel like I’d die without my iphone…does that count? :)




One comment on “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Friday the 13th…

  1. Jenny B
    November 14, 2015

    I think attitude and belief are behind the success of superstitions. For example, in Anthropoly we studied a culture where a person would be told they were going to die and because the way it was decided was deeply ingrained in their beliefs, the people could will themselves to death.
    I am happy to believe so many people are attracting bad luck on days like Friday 13th that there must be a lot of good luck out there waiting to be snapped up.


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