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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: “Soul Struck” by Jacob Z. Flores


The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge: Book Three

Like the electricity he commands, Pierce Blackmoor streaks through life on raw power and pure sexual energy. His conquests on the battlefield and in the bedroom form his foundation, but that bedrock crumbles when his younger brothers’ abilities surpass his own. Pierce finds himself at an all-time low, and clawing his way back to the top becomes his only concern.

Pierce’s plan to reassert his dominance, however, takes a backseat when he wounds Kale Aquilo, an emissary of the Beast King, lord of all shifters.

Kale’s beguiling nature shoots like a lightning bolt straight to Pierce’s soul, and when the soft-spoken Kale relays that a virus is killing his people, Pierce abandons his quest for power to do something he has never done before—protect someone other than himself.

As Kale, Pierce, and his brothers struggle to find the root of the magical virus spreading plague across Aeaea, the shifter island, they face a gauntlet of old and new foes. Soul struck, Pierce and Kale must uncover the truth behind the conspiracy gathering in the shadows.


Title: Soul Struck

Author: Jacob Z. Flores
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 224
Release Date: December – 14 – 2015
Purchase Links: Amazon, Dreamspinner



And, so, The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge are back, this time with Pierce’s story! And it was just as good as the first two!

For all of those who don’t know, this series is a fantasy story that is focused on three brothers who are warlocks, and whose family is one of the three who guard The Gate – which is like, the source of all magic.

Ever since I read the first book, Spell Bound, I got completely hooked with this series and I’ve followed it religiously ever since. So, before I start, I need you to know that if you like Fantasy books, with spells, fantastic creatures, and a twist of love, you might totally enjoy this.

Now, on to the review!

Pierce Blackmoor is the oldest of three brothers. He’s supposed to take over his dad as the head of the black magic part of the guardians of the gate. He’s reckless and pure emotion, and thought during the first two books we saw him as this angry person, ready to kick all the asses that came his way, in this book we are shown a more human side of him. A side that is revealed little by little, and that comes more vividly to life when Pierce meets Kale.

Kale is a shifter, and his form is a dove. He’s possibly one of the sweetest characters that I’ve read in a long time. Everything is new to him, and I laughed a lot with his love for the Backstreet Boys – this book will go as a must read for my sister- . Anyway, shifters have been sort of banned from the world, and sent to an island in the middle of nowhere. When things start getting rough in Kale’s land, he’s sent to find The Conclave – the greatest power of all in the magic world – and ask for help. But of course our dove couldn’t have landed peacefully, especially not since he encountered the rage, and frustration, of warlock Pierce. And that’s how they met – by a rather unfortunate accident.

I think that one of the things I like the most about this series is that the romance is an element to the story, but it’s not quite it. And yet, it manages to bring a lovely warm fuzzy feeling to my tummy because it IS romantic, but the fact that the story has it’s own way to go makes this incredibly interesting and fun to read. It makes you want to know about all the characters in the story, and connect with all of them, and that is fantastic. On the romantic side, all of the love stories that we’ve read have been lovely, and this one was not the exception.

With a slower build up – but not less intense than the other two -, Kale and Pierce fall for each other. Told from Pierce’s POV, we see his anger simmer down whenever he’s with Kale. We get to see how Pierce really feels about himself, his family, and his soul mate. We also get a clear idea of how Kale feels about Pierce, even though we do not get his POV at all, and I thought this was fantastic.

The writing is lovely, and very engaging. I love how the author writes the three brothers and their relationships. I love how their dynamics are so clear from book one, but somehow get even clearer with each book, and by the time we reach Soul Struck, we get a pretty clear idea of how they work as a family. The fact that all of them would give everything for each other is absolutely beautiful. And seeing someone who’s been fighting so hard to stay badass and strong, as Pierce, finding his own inner strenght and embracing it, was really nice to read. The boyfriends of each one of the warlocks also play an interesting part in this book. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is to read strong secondary characters. So strong, and so well defined, and with so much passion and life that the story can be told without a problem from their POV.

This book is not short of action at all. We get kicks, and spells, and lightening everywhere. We get magic creatures that find out their true power, and their true selves. We get to see them grow into fantastic creatures that represent the beauty of who they truly are. Or at the very least, a huge part of who they are.

I still have way too many questions, and I shamelessly attacked Jacob on twitter earlier today and asked him a bunch… Errr.. Sorry about that, mi estimado, but… I had to!
I was pleased to find that the series will continue, and that some of my questions will finally be answered in the next book! YAY! I can’t wait for the next book and find out what Drake’ll be up to!

So, as y’all can see, I found this extremely enjoyable. I think, without a doubt, that this series is one of my favorite of the year, and to say this with the year so close to an end, it feels even more real.


Note: This post will be edited once the Amazon purchase link goes live! :)


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