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REVIEW: “Worth The Wait” by Caitlin Ricci & Cari Z.


When Tate promises his niece Addie he’ll get a book signed by her favorite author, he never expects to end up in a line four blocks long with sleet coming down around him. It’s three days until Christmas and he’s cold and miserable, but Addie will be devastated if he gives up.

A cute guy who offers him an umbrella is just the encouragement Tate needs to stick it out, especially when Brandon brings him something hot to drink. But the signing ends before Tate can get to the front of the line, and Tate is sure he’s ruined Christmas for his niece. Luckily Brandon gets him in to see the author, who happens to be his mother.

A simple thank you isn’t enough for Tate, and neither he nor Brandon wants to end things there. For two men unused to such an instant mutual attraction, the Christmas season just got a little more merry.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package “Sleigh Ride”.


Title: Worth The Wait (Sleigh Ride Advent 2015)

Author: Caitlin Ricci & Cari Z.
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 32
Release Date: November 30, 2015
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, Amazon


I’m attracted to bookworms, I guess I just appreciate a fellow bookie. It was easy for me to like both Tate and Brandon when I discovered we all share the love of a good book. Tate is trying to score bonus uncle points with his niece (totes adorable by the way) and plans to give her the best Christmas gift ever. Unfortunately, his plans don’t go…quite as planned.

Stuck in a book signing line for hours wasn’t what he envisioned when he told his niece that he would take care of her pleading desire to get her favorite author’s John Hancock. And he certainly didn’t expect to stand out in the bitter wet weather, freezing his hiney off. He is miserable and grumpy when a stranger offers him his umbrella. His surprise doubles when the gorgeous man brings him a steamy cup of coffee and joins him for the remainder of his wait. Suddenly, waiting doesn’t seem so terrible anymore.

Tate and the man with the yellow umbrella, aka Brandon, hit it off. When he learns the store is closing and he’s missed his chance at becoming Uncle of the year, he is devastated. Lucky for him, the surprises keep coming and Brandon uses his connections to light up Tate’s smile once again. They both recognize a spark during their soggy and too-short evening. It was definitely not…time wasted.

The following day leads to more fun and more connecting. Things may have started chilly but heat up quickly. It was fast, fun, and well written. However, I craved a bit more solid ending. Things were just getting good and then it was over. Novella’s are tricky and I think I’m kinda picky…and I wanted just a little bit more to feel complete.

All-in-all it was entertaining and sweet. Not a bad way to spend my lunch hour and a lovely contribution to the Advent Sleigh Ride.

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